• The Body Wedge Kit Workshop
    24 Feb, 2018

    Suffering from lingering pain, recurring headaches, tightness or restriction of movements? Want to relieve pain and correct dysfunctions?

    Trigger points are sore sport that occur in a muscle; they may be active or latent. Using an applied pressure technique to your muscles you will begin to: Eliminate pain; reduce swelling, stiffness and neuromuscular pain; increase range of motion; Relieve tension; Improve circulation, flexibility and coordination.

    At FREE workshop, techniques and tips will be shared to restore and maintain natural ease of movement. Body Wedge Kit will be available for purchase. www.bodywedge.com

    Location: 310 S. Racine, John Hall Studios, 8th floor (Be prepared to remove shoes at door and silence cell phones)

    Time: 11:45 sharp

  • B-n-Bikini / Stretch-n-Flex Classes Start
    05 Feb, 2018

    Beginners Co-ed classes. Monday & Wednesday at 7pm. Eight week program $400, ends March 31st. Free Unlimited Weekend Conditioning classes with registration($260 savings). Only 12 slots available with minimum of 8 participants. 

  • 5-3-1 Flush Workshop
    04 Feb, 2018

    Find out what you've been missing. Discover a lighter, healthier, revitalized you!

    This easy-to-follow program helps you release everyday toxins that linger in your cells. It will delight your body with natural nutrients form the earth and its waters. The 5-3-1 FLUSH program will establish a lifestyle using alkaline based food and herbs that the body should be digesting regularly. This meatless based program also introduces user to a plethora of herbs that is key to helping the body regenerate and decrease all dis-eases. Kit cost is $165, workshop is free. www.SimpleAndGoodNutrients.com

    Location: 310 S. Racine, John Hall Studios, 8th floor

    Time: 12:30 sharp until 2pm