Simple And Good Fitness

Strength, speed and mobility/flexibility is what separate the young from the old, the living from the dead.  All fitness regimens should enhance your strength, speed and flexibility not just physically but mentally and spiritually also. You can only achieve this with choices you make each and every day. The food, sleep, entertainment, music, product that touch your body all have a huge effect on the quality of life you attain in near future.

Each program below will give a wholistic perspective on nutrition, movement and exercise. Take advantage of the professional suggestion shared and put them to practice. Honor the magnificence of your body and amaze yourself in accomplishing what you never thought you could do.

Fitness & classes - Camp Transformation

Camp Transformation is a 8-week fitness camp for individuals who have had weight issues most, if not all, of their adult life.  This class will teach you how to make lifestyle changes.  You will learn how your body works and what is needed to sustain it.  You will identify your weaknesses and learn ways to overcome them. 

I will teach basic functional movements in a progressive format.  When everyone has learned how to properly use their bodies, we will advance to the boot camp format.  We will perform warm-ups, active stretches and cool downs every session, in addition to our fitness regimen.  I will incorporate a new move(s) and other maintenance activities every week that you can practice.

Price: $400.00
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