Lacrisia F.

Where can I start. In 2005 I wasn't where I needed to be mentally to receive the help I needed to begin to be healthy holistically.  In 2008 I came to Sherwood again. Different space and place. Sherwood took me where I was and helped me to understand the benefit of being good to yourself in all areas.  Sherwood has a plethora of knowledge and challenges you to be a lifelong learner. He gives you a foundation based on your own strengths to build upon so that when you are not working with him you can still be working on you. He helps you to get to know yourself in relation to food and medicine. We have discussed food allergies, diabetes, and broken down what's in the junk that we sometimes consume.  Sherwood allows you to be who you are at the moment and pushes you to be better. I have a great appreciation for  Sherwood and his dedication to helping people live better longer. He is creative, caring and compassionate. Having been to other trainers I can say that this is more than a job to him. He continues to reach out to all of his clients current and former to see if he can be of assistance.If I see a turtle on top of a fence I know it had help. Sherwood has equipped me with the tools to get on top of the fence.